4x4 tyres

Do you know that Sports Utility Vehicles, or SUVs, need a special type of tyres? It is a fact that the number of SUVs is on the rise in the UK. More and more people are buying these cars as the income rises, and more people realise that these cars provide value for money. To aid in the demand and supply equation, we at One Stop Tyres have brought a wide range of SUV or 4x4 tyres.

Are 4x4 tyres different from standard ones?

Are you looking for the best SUV car tyres in Sheffield? They are actually quite different from the standard car tyres online. Given below are certain points at which these tyres beat the ordinary ones.

  • Provide a more comfortable ride: Even the most ordinary SUV car tyres are more comfortable than the standard car ones. These provide a better drive on even the roughest of terrains. For off-roading purposes, these models are your best bet.
  • Much quieter: Even on the most slippery of roads, these tyres are much quieter than ordinary ones. A quieter performance helps in easily passing the MOT test, not to speak of how less you contribute to the noise pollution levels.
  • Sticks to the surface: 4x4 car tyres have a significantly broader area on which the tyre meets the surface. This way, the tyres get better traction. When you buy 4x4 tyres at Sheffield, you know that you get not only safety assurances, but also tyres which will last longer.
  • Overall more stable: SUV tyres provide a significantly safer drive than most comparable standard tyres. These SUV tyres guarantee a more stable drive, time and time again.

SUV tyres at Sheffield

Planning to buy 4x4 tyres in Sheffield? You are in the right place. We have a wide range of SUV wheels from all the well-known brands. Our experts are ready to provide you with great advice. Do drop in on any working day; alternatively, book an appointment via our website.

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