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As a car owner in the UK, it is essential to take good care of your car’s battery. Most of our customers fail to take adequate care of their car batteries; that’s why the majority of the service requests that we attend each month at One Stop Tyres, are related to battery problems.

Most modern car’s batteries are sold as maintenance-free;  however, this is a misnomer. Like any other component of your car, batteries need periodic maintenance too.

Maintaining a healthy car battery

Even before you bring your car to our garage for a battery repair in Sheffield, you can check the health of your car’s battery all by yourself, and make sure it lasts longer.  Here are some quick and easy ways to extend the life of your car’s battery-

  • Do not use resource-intensive components when the car is off. Systems like the car’s music system, AC, etc. drain the battery quickly and shorten its lifespan.
  • Take your car out for driving from time to time. If a car sits idle for too long, the battery will automatically discharge, and your car won't start until you recharge it.
  • Before installing a new battery, apply battery grease to both the battery connectors. It prevents the connector and the metal poles from catching rust and keeps it performing better during its lifespan. Whenever you bring your car to One Stop Tyres, we will make sure that it is applied every time.
  • If you find that your car’s battery is completely dead, you can call us, or bring your car to our garage. We will run a complete inspection of the battery, and if it needs replacing, we will do it for you. Otherwise, we will recharge it.

How to identify a faulty battery –

If the battery is degrading, it will give specific indications that you will be able to notice. Let us discuss a few of them so that you will be able to identify it easily whenever you face an issue. Whenever you see any of these signs, bring your car to One Stop Tyres for an inspection of your car battery in Sheffield.

  • If your car’s engine needs multiple attempts to ignite, it might mean that the battery output is low. Do not try to start your car repeatedly; it puts a lot of pressure on the battery.
  • Also, you will notice an absolute performance drop when you use the music system or any other component that requires a lot of power, especially if you are using them without turning your car on. It indicates that your car battery is gradually wearing out.
  • Another vital indicator is the car’s headlights. If they are running on batteries and you notice that they fluctuate every now-and-then, the cells are undoubtedly malfunctioning.

Vehicle owners around the UK have a habit of running AC, music system, heating unit, etc. on battery. It affects your car battery severely. If you want to keep your battery healthy and maintain it, you should visit us for the maintenance of your car battery in Sheffield.

So, why wait? Visit our One Stop Tyres workshop today and get a complete inspection of your car’s components. Book your appointment ahead of your visit. Call us, or book it online.

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