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One of the critical elements of your car is its exhaust. It is not just the tail-pipe in your car’s rear bumper. The exhaust system has some vital functions to perform, without which the car will not run.

At One Stop Tyres  we have a certified team of mechanics who know how to handle your car’s exhaust system. We will inspect, as well as repair or replace the parts if needed.

Some distinctive issues pop up once your car’s exhaust starts malfunctioning. To help you identify those issues, we have made a small list so that you know when to bring your vehicle to One Stop Tyres for a exhaust service Sheffield.

Problems faced with a faulty exhaust

Detecting any issues with your car’s exhaust is easy. There are some clear warning signs that you should look out for.

An internal combustion engine burns fuel to generate power. These processes create a lot of noxious gas and sound which must not stay inside your vehicle, a job for your car’s exhaust system.

Here is a list of indications of a damaged exhaust –

  • Noise: Excessive noise will be the first and most noticeable issue coming from a faulty exhaust system. You might notice a low, rumbling sound, followed by a loud howling whenever you accelerate. Most of the time, this is because of a faulty muffler.

On the other hand, if there is a hissing noise, it might indicate a leaking exhaust system. Also, if your car’s exhaust unit is blocked, it will make a slow, continuous chugging noise.

Whenever you hear any such noise, bring your car down to our exhaust repair garage at Sheffield. Our facility is famous for its affordable and reliable services.

  • Poor performance: Another clear indication will be a drop in your car’s performance. You might see a sudden drop in engine performance, which can be terrifying if you are driving on a highway in the UK.

A faulty exhaust stops the engine from evacuating the gases generated after combustion, effectively choking the system.

  • Poor mileage: If you notice that your car’s mileage has taken a sudden dip, it is probably because of the faulty exhaust. If it’s engine is not performing correctly, it will start guzzling fuel, eventually resulting in terrible mileage.

Repairing an issue with your car’s exhaust

A faulty exhaust can create some severe problems with your car’s performance and longevity. Your vehicle may fail the MOT test without a periodic exhaust service in Sheffield. If that happens, you will not be able to drive that particular vehicle on the streets of the UK.

Also, if there is a leak inside the exhaust piping, dangerous gasses can come inside your car’s passenger cabin. It can result in Carbon Monoxide poisoning; a serious issue that has killed many people. When you are driving, a CO poisoning can make you unconscious, which can lead to a terrible accident.

A faulty exhaust also emits a lot of Carbon Dioxide, increasing the rate of global warming. Keeping your car’s exhaust healthy means doing your part in the battle against global warming.

One Stop Tyres, best exhaust repair garage at Sheffield

Whenever you face any issue with your car’s exhaust, visit us for an exhaust service in Sheffield. We have a great team of expert technicians who will be able to repair any problem that you are facing with your exhaust. Just visit us, or call us to book your appointment. You can also schedule a priority appointment from our website.

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