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If you are a car owner in the UK, you must pass the MOT test to make your car road-legal. The MOT test checks whether your car is roadworthy for you and the people driving around you. It also makes sure that your vehicle abides by the existing emissions rules.

In the UK, the MOT test is required once every year. It comes under the purview of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or DVSA, a statutory government body.

DVSA sets all the MOT test parameters and updates them from time to time. One Stop Tyres is one of the largest centres for MOT test in Sheffield. Whenever you bring your car for an MOT test, we will provide you with the quickest and most affordable service you ever availed. One Stop Tyres do MOT's up to  and CLASS 7.

What is an MOT test and what does it cover?

MOT test centres in the UK check almost every component of your car barring critical components that help run the vehicle. Things that are left in an MOT test are - the gearbox, clutch and engine.

Every passenger car in the UK absolutely has to pass a  MOT test. A MOT test also covers three-wheeled vehicles that weight more than 450 kilos (when unladen). It also includes some minibuses and ambulances that seat a maximum of 12 people and some dual-purpose vehicles.

An MOT test includes the following checks:

  • Body: Your car's entire chassis is inspected to ensure that there is no loose part, and no sharp edges sticking out. Also, the whole body must conform to the structure defined by the manufacturer.
  • Fuel and exhaust units: Your car must abide by all the exhaust and emission guidelines set by the VOSA. The UK government maintains strict guidelines on every vehicle's emission, and your car must pass all of them to be road worthy.
  • Retainers and seats: Around the UK, many accidents end up with unfortunate fatalities because of faulty seatbelts. When our mechanics at One Stop Tyres inspect your vehicle, we check that all the restraint systems are in good shape.
  • Lights: Both the headlights and tail lights of your car must stay visible even in rough weather. We also test the headlight’s beam to check whether it shines on an oncoming driver’s eyes.
  • Horn: Your vehicle’s horns must be loud enough to alert any driver in your vicinity. However, they must not be so loud as to cause sound pollution.
  • Registration plates and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): A car’s registration numbers and VIN must be in bold letters and firmly attached to the body. We will also check if your car’s VIN is adequately connected, or scribed on the chassis.
  • Electronics and suspension: Modern cars have electronics that assist the driver. These must pass the standards set down by the DVSA. Also, MOT check at Sheffield also checks if your car’s suspension is in good shape.
  • Brakes: To pass the MOT test, your car’s brakes must be in good shape to ensure your safety.
  • Tyres and wheels: Every car’s tyres and wheels must not have any bumps, cuts or lumps larger than 25mm. They should also not have any rim damage or rust.
  • Windscreen and wipers: Your car’s windshield must not refract any light and should be in perfect condition without any cracks and scratches. The wipers should also work properly, and the wiper blade should be intact.

Once you clear an MOT test, we will issue a VT20 certificate. If your car does not clear it, a VT30 will be issued specifying all the problems of your car.

If you are looking for an affordable, quick MOT check at Sheffield, visit us at One Stop Tyres today. You can also book your appointment before your visit. Simply call us 0n 01751 473708, or book it online.

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