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If you own a car, you have gone through this routine many times- probably twice or thrice every year, if not more.  Yes, you guessed it right!  We are talking about the oil change.

 Most people do it as a part of the routine check-up of their cars at garages. But have you ever wondered why it is necessary? Or what would happen if you skipped it?

One Stop Tyres is a leading oil change station in Sheffield. The next time you need an oil change for your car, visit our garage and leave it to our expert technicians.

Why is oil important for the engine?

Oil is to the car’s engine what blood is to the human body. Essentially, it is the oil’s job to ensure that all the parts of the engine are running as smoothly as possible. Without oil, the engine would not only falter to perform but may potentially blow up.

Due to the friction produced by its moving parts, the engine produces an insane amount of heat. Oil helps in dispersing this heat and prevents the engine from blowing up.

Oil also keeps the engine clean by removing the varnish and carbon particles produced by it regularly.

All these combine to increase the life of the engine as well as improve the car’s mileage by up to 2%.

When Do You Need Oil Change?

Car manufacturers recommend changing the engine oil every 3,000 miles. For an average driver, that translates to two to three times a year.

However, if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms on your car, then chances are that it needs oil change:

  • The car is frequently stalling
  • The engine is heating up
  • More smoke is coming out from the exhaust than normal
  • The oil change warning light is on
  • The engine is making noise
  • There is a smell of oil inside the car

All these are classic signs that it’s time for your car’s oil change.

Sheffield’s Premium Oil Change Station- One Stop Tyres

Oil change is by far the easiest car maintenance procedure that has a massive impact on the performance of the car. You might be tempted to skip it at times, but that’s one of the worst things you can do to your car’s engine.

At One Stop Tyres, our mechanics will check whether your engine needs an oil change and act accordingly. We use top of the line engine oil brands for your car’s oil change Sheffield, and that too at an extremely affordable price range.

Book an appointment at our oil change station in Sheffield today!

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