Summer Tyres

When it comes to car tyres, many prefer to buy tyres that are suitable for all conditions. Of course, if you think of it economically, changing tyres with seasons doesn’t make much sense. Having said that, season-specific tyres can sometimes be a necessity.

If you regularly drive in hot and humid climate, buying summer tyres might be a wise choice. One Stop Tyres can fit your vehicle with the best set of summer tyres suited for your car to improve your driving experience. We also sell tyres online, giving you unmatched convenience of buying it from your home.

As compared to all-weather or winter tyres, summer tyres have some distinctive qualities of their own.  Ideally, they are meant for temperatures exceeding 7°C. If you generally drive in such temperatures, it would be advisable to buy these types of tyres to bring out that optimal performance of your car.

What makes the summer tyres different?

Summer tyres are known to have an excellent grip while providing good speed. That is primarily because of the larger surface area. Since water dispersal isn’t the primary concern, these tyres usually have fewer grooves and sipes and have deeper ribs to increase the surface area. As such, the water dispersing ability is not as great as the winter tyres. Still, they offer surprisingly good levels of grip during the occasional summer showers.

When you buy tyres from One Stop Tyres  you can stay assured that you will get the best performance from our product. Summer tyres offer high-performance levels and enhanced stability compared to their winter counterparts. They are made of harder rubber compounds, allowing a tighter grip to the ground.

Of course, summer tyres have different tread patterns as compared to other types of car tyres. These patterns lessen road noise, improve overall riding comfort of your commute.

Summer tyres benefits

Some benefits of summer tyres include:

  • Improved handling capabilities
  • Excellent grip
  • Responsive steering
  • Increased aquaplaning resistance
  • Lower noise
  • Less breaking distance when on warm and dry roads.

If you think your vehicle needs these tyres, be sure to visit our garage and check our summer tyres price in Sheffield. With the exclusive pricing at One Stop Tyres, you can get great deals even on brands like Dunlop and Continental. Call us today, or visit our garage to buy your favourite set of tyres.

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