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Get your car back on track with Tracking in Sheffield!

An incorrectly adjusted axle is the cause of uneven tyre wear and a lack of straight running. Over time, the axis geometry can change itself or after an impact like hitting a curb or driving through a pothole.

We recommend having the Tracking Sheffield carried out every two years, after every tyre change or after an accident (including curb/pothole etc.)

Simply come to see us at our One Stop Tyres workshop without an appointment if you have a concern. You can certainly also book online or over the phone.

A misaligned axle is often noticeable through loud driving noises. If the front or rear axle is set incorrectly, the forces acting on the chassis will not be optimally transmitted to the tyres. Sometimes it doesn't even require a small accident: if you drive over a curb when parking or exiting, the axle geometry can get out of balance. Even minimal deviations are evident, for example, from increased fuel consumption or tyre wear. Another sign is that the vehicle does not stay on track while driving, but pulls slightly to the right or left.

If this is the case, you should take your car for Tracking in Sheffield to our One Stop Tyres workshop. We professionally check all chassis settings that affect the axle geometry. In addition to the camber, track and track width, this also includes the track difference angle, wheelbase, caster, spread and steering wheel radius. If we find that your tyres are not evenly abraded when changing tyres, we will check the suspension settings on our lift as a precaution.

Because measuring accuracy plays a major role in Tracking Sheffield, we use the most advanced measuring devices: Our workshop is equipped with powerful laser axis measuring computers, cameras with measuring reflectors or CCD measuring technology as well as various laser measuring systems. This enables us to precisely measure all common vehicle brands and models. The relevant measurement data include, for example, the axle offset, left and right-side offset, the track width difference and the rear wheel offset. If we notice a deviation from the standard values ​​that is too great, our employees can adjust the lane directly on site if required.

A lane measurement is also recommended if you have lowered your car or have carried out modifications to the chassis. With a misaligned axle, your vehicle has reduced tyre grip, which is noticeable when cornering. The aquaplaning risk becomes higher on wet roads.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Tracking service in Sheffield or any of our other services and tyre range. Our friendly team will be here for you.

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