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Italy is a country whose name seldom comes to mind when you think of automotive excellence. Then again, maybe we just do not know. Think about Pirelli tyres, for instance. Long associated with Formula One racing, this is easily one of the most recognised brands in the world today.

If you plan on buying Pirelli tyres, visit us at Sheffield. We are One Stop Tyres, one of the most established car service garages in the UK. Now that we are in Sheffield, we can fulfil the desires of many more customers who want nothing but the best.

The multifaceted history of Pirelli Tyres

Founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli in Milan, Italy, the company has been in existence for over a hundred years now. Pirelli was a visionary, sharing the same era as Charles Goodyear. He saw the limitless boundaries of vulcanised rubber and the company was initially set up as a rubber manufacturing company.

Currently owned by ChemChina consortium of China, there are many reasons you should go for Pirelli.

  • Pirelli is one of the world’s biggest car, motorbike, and bicycle tyre suppliers.
  • Known globally for its prowess in R&D and with annual revenue north of € 5,352 million, Pirelli spends a lot of money each year to manufacture better tyres. Its unceasing aim has been to be the best at what it does.
  • Fetched worldwide for its racing prowess, Pirelli is the sole tyre supplier to the FIA Formula One car racing championships. F1 only involves itself when a partner is perfect, which is another stamp of excellence for Pirelli.
  • Pirelli currently exports its tyres to more than 170 countries. It boasts manufacturing facilities on every continent except the two polar ones. Major facilities are located in more than 15 countries.
  • Pirelli’s annual calendar has showcased works by leading lights such as Annie Leibovitz and Peter Lindberg. Pirelli is one brand which has successfully managed to transcend the tyre business.

Buy Pirelli tyres at One Stop Tyres

Here at One Stop Tyres in Sheffield, we store all the latest Pirelli car tyres. We have a significant range of great tyres from all other great brands too. We have experts at our beck and call who will attend to your every need. Are you looking for great deals on tyres? Order tyres online from us. Visit our workshop today.



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