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Undercoat treatment - Protection against water, stone chips and salt.

Effective underbody protection significantly extends a vehicle's life. But it is precisely where manufacturers - even of higher-priced cars like to save money - at the wrong end, we think! Because the underbody is probably the part of the vehicle body that is used the most and is constantly exposed to harmful environmental influences.

The moment you enter the road, you expose your vehicle to the adversity of rainwater, mud, road salt or stone chips, which permanently gnaw at the substance and significantly accelerate the ageing process. Undercoat protection is indeed available ex-works, but this is often only partially or insufficiently carried out.

We at One Stop Tyres have been dealing with Undercoat treatment Sheffield, car rust protection and corrosion protection for a long time and can, therefore, draw on extensive experience.

Quite often we get a vehicle on the lift and discover existing underbody protection measures that are littered with numerous cracks and can therefore no longer have a preserving effect.

Sometimes additional Anti-corrosion products have been used, which inevitably have lost their elasticity after some time because the solvents responsible for the viscosity evaporate over time. The devastating consequence: dangerous cracks appear in the old underbody protection. As a result, dirt and road salt can now penetrate unhindered and cause harmful corrosion that massively damages the body.

That is why in our One Stop Tyres Undercoat Sheffield workshop our team relies on long-term tested products only. That's the only way to ensure the most effective and sustainable underbody protection, which we regularly check for you free of charge as part of our aftercare program.

We would be happy to advise you personally about the treatment of Vehicle Undercoat Sheffield and look forward to your call.

This is how we do it:

In consultation with you, the condition of the underbody is assessed after the detailed visual inspection on the lift/ramp, and the optimal, individually tailored catalogue of measures for car rust protection is developed.

This is the only way to choose the perfect anticorrosive agent and to plan future car rust protection treatment. Once a decision has been made to seal the underbody, our special Undercoat Sheffield team at One Stop Tyres will carry out a particularly thorough underbody wash.

Subsequently, similar to cavity preservation, the first layer of thin material is prepared, which regenerates the old underbody protection. The excellent sealing ability of the products we use helps to close existing cracks and to penetrate even the smallest micro-joints. In addition, the old material regains its elasticity through such a treatment. After the drying time of one day, a second coating is applied. This contains strongly wetting binders with excellent penetration properties, which, in conjunction with flake-shaped active pigments, deactivate corrosion stimulants that are still present. In conjunction with high layer thickness and waterproof or airtight underbody sealing creates a strong barrier that effectively protects your vehicle against any stone chips, saltwater and atmospheric corrosion for years!

We hope you have found this short description useful.

You might still have some additional questions though. Please get in touch with us. Our friendly experts will be happy to answer and explain.

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