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Your car’s tyres determine its performance, while the tyre valves assess its strength to hold the correct tyre pressure. The complex combinations of valve springs, nozzles and valve guides work simultaneously in a continuous rhythm. However, owing to constant high-speed movements, valve seals and their connection to tyres may create certain issues.

Problems that may arise:

Residents of Sheffield often complain of partially broken springs that cause leaks in their vehicle's tyres. Not taking into consideration the possibility of a defective valve, car owners often experience unnecessary wear and tear. The sudden gushing of air from the tyres upon inflation indicates its knackering point.

In the event of faulty valves damaging your car’s tyres, contact experienced mechanics of One Stop Tyres to look for potential heat-stress breakages. Improperly measured guides and seals also cause excessive bends and valve spring breakage.

Problems that our experts at One Stop Tyres help you to detect:

Tyre valves have no specific expiry date. Typically, tyre valves are made to withstand constant wear and tear even at higher speeds. Its capability depends on its make and model apart from overall car maintenance.

Depending on your usage, our experts prescribe certain tactics that would aid new car owners to extract maximum performance from their existing sets of tyre valves. Remember that tyre valves are relatively inexpensive components, but it might not be feasible to bear the subsequent damage inflicted.

Inappropriate pressure sensor markings may cause the valve stem to break loose, leading to rapid tyre deflation. Sudden valve failures in the middle of a freeway can cause serious accidents.

How our experienced mechanics help you!

Firstly, we make sure that your vehicle is inclined away from the position of tyre deflation.

Secondly, we investigate the root cause of tyre valve failure. Locating and identifying the cause of the defective valve is crucial. Residents of Sheffield often ask whether they need to replace the entire rim.

Thirdly, extracting core valve components is generally followed by inserting a new valve core through the insert point. Our experts apply rust cleaner and other lubricants to make sure that your new tyre valves last longer.

TPMS Valves

Modern Vehicles now are fitted with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems) that monitors the air pressure within the tyres and notifies you via a dashboard light if the pressure falls below the minimum value. The sensors are placed at the back of the tyre valve. These TPMS sensor valves are costly and must regularly be serviced. One Stop Tyres provides valve servicing at the garage in Sheffield. We also OEM replacements of essential sensor components such as valve core, retaining nut, rubber grommet and dust cap.

Don’t let your car tyre valves lead to serious road accidents. Call experts from One Stop Tyres and experience joyful rides.

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