Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment implies adjustment of your car’s wheels corresponding to a specified angle. Poor alignment may arise due to constant wear and tear, issues with tyre treading or problems with toe, camber and caster. Together they make up for wheel alignment and orientation.

Typically eminent car garages like One Stop Tyres recommend car owners to avail wheel alignment services after every 10,000 miles.

‘Why do I need to align my car’s wheels?’

Wheel alignment aims to maximise your tyre life. The opportunity cost of ignoring wheel aligning takes the shape of replacing your tyres altogether. Remember that tyres endure excessive rolling friction which causes treading to crumble. You even risk your life owing to bad tyre condition.

Consider the situation in which your vehicle is moving in a curved path even with steering wheels firmly pointed directly up front. Experienced mechanics at One Stop Tyres recommend a thorough inspection of your wheel geometry. Vehicles undergoing poor cornering and non-aligned movement typically imply that wheels need an alignment.

‘How do I know if wheels need an alignment?’

Experts look for uneven treading patterns, constant pulling to one side amongst other signs to check for rough wheel alignment. Sometimes they also recommend following performing coin insertion trick to check for uneven treading. In general, the following symptoms indicate that your wheel needs immediate adjustment:

  • Rapid wear and tear resulting in constant wandering.
  • Banking of starring wheel spokes even on a straight road.
  • Constant vibration in steering wheels, and floorboard followed by unpleasant noises.
  • Visible crumbles on tyre treads.

Experts recommend:

High-performance tyres belonging to eminent tyre manufacturers like Michelin, Dunlop, etc. hold their alignment longer. However, there is always a probability of wheel getting misaligned due to a small accident on your commute.

While Vibrations in steering wheel may imply front wheel issues, vibrations experienced by passengers in rear seat indicate rear wheel malfunction/misalignment.

Look for potential vibrations inside the vehicle at speeds above 60mph. Don’t ignore misaligned wheels and put your lives at stake. Contact One Stop Tyres wheel alignment garage at Sheffield and give yourself a smoother drive.

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