Wheel Balancing

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Wheel Balancing

Ever seen a car being serviced at a garage? There are plenty of areas that need the attention of the technicians. One of them is wheel balancing, something most car-owners do not know about. Wheel balancing exercises are extremely important for a healthy car and a decent ride. How is it done? Why is it done? Read on.

At One Stop Tyres, we have a team of dedicated technicians who are very good at what they do. We guarantee on-time delivery of the car after balancing. If you are looking for the best wheel balancing garage at Sheffield, you are in the right place.

A word on wheel balancing vs alignment

Many a time, we see that our customers do not know the difference between two separate topics: wheel balancing and wheel alignment. These two are confusing, and even the smartest drivers have been known to be caught on the wrong foot.

So, are they different processes? Indeed, they are. Wheel balancing essentially concerns itself with correcting the imbalances caused by misaligned rims and ensures that the total weight of the wheel is spread all over evenly.

Wheel alignment is little complicated. It deals with keeping the tyres on opposing axles diametrically parallel to each other while also ensuring that they are totally perpendicular to the ground.

Do my car’s tyres need balancing?

This is a question which most drivers ask themselves, especially after they see somebody else getting wheel balancing done. If you are looking for wheel balancing at Sheffield, check for the following signs and symptoms.

  • Tyres pulling to one side: Have you ever seen your tyres pulling to either the left or the right every time you drive? This might prove to be rather dangerous when you are driving fast. If you notice any such symptoms, bring your car to our wheel balancing garage at Sheffield.
  • Steering column vibrations: Yet another indication that your car wheels need balancing is a vibrating steering column. This vibration occurs especially when you are driving on the highway and at relatively higher speeds. This indication can also prove that the chassis of the vehicle is at fault to some extent.
  • Vibrating seat or floorboard: Ever noticed that the seat or the floorboard vibrating when you hit the gas pedal? This vibration is a classic symptom of imbalanced wheels. Vibrating seats and floorboard also means that you need to get your car looked at.
  • Scalloped tyre wear pattern: A scalloped tyre pattern of the tyres indicates that the tyres are wearing off unevenly. It is high time that you get an expert opinion on how best to mend the tyres. Wear patterns of each car is different; it even varies within the same car models.

Wheel balancing at Sheffield

Planning to go for a wheel balancing at Sheffield? We can help.

At One Stop Tyres, we use the latest and most modern technology to balance the wheels. Our team of experts can help solve any problems in a very reasonable time frame. Don’t overspend; come and visit One Stop Tyres today.

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