Winter Tyres

Your body needs blankets at times during cold weather. Specific clothing, just like your cars need winter tyres for snowy months, are the need of the hour. Typically these tyres are represented by a snowflake symbol and are meant to traverse roads through thick snow.

Optimum traction aided by deeper treads and narrow cuts in winter tyres help vehicles to survive winter months in Sheffield without letting the cars skid. Renowned car garages recommend shifting to winter tyres during colder months to disperse snow and initiating better connectivity between tyres and road.

Although no mandatory regulations are revolving around usage of winter tyres in the UK, these are safer alternatives. We, at One Stop Tyres welcome you with an extensive collection of winter specific tyres from Dunlop, Michelin, Bridgestone, etc.

Remember that ordinary tyres marked with ‘M+S’ are not necessarily winter tyres. Get authentic winter tyres with ‘snowflake’ markings and rule the road even at temperatures below 6 degrees. 

Are winter tyres worth it?

Technically summer tyres are meant for riding in summer temperatures. Winter tyres differ from them regarding traction, cornering ability and low-temperature braking.

Remember that it is potentially dangerous to ride your vehicle with summer tyres in winter months. Typical stopping distances for summer tyres in winter months are around 7.1m, 5 metres ahead of what winter tyres achieve at 5 degree Celsius. 

How are winter tyres unique?

As opposed to summer tyres, winter tyres range between 8-9mm with wider grooves with enough channels to allow water and snow to pass. Unlike synthetic rubber, winter tyres contain a more significant percentage of rubber and silicon.

Our experts at One Stop Tyres recommend moving over harsh winter conditions with winter tyres that offer maximum braking distance. Stop risking lives while you drive through a chilly winter morning. Let One Stop Tyres tyres at Sheffield inspect your vehicle condition and recommend the ideal winter tyres for you.

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